/O Que Fazer Para Legalizar Um Terreno

O Que Fazer Para Legalizar Um Terreno

When negotiating the purchase or sale of a plot, everything must be done by law so that its negotiation is legalized. I bought a plot without registration, what are the steps for me to legalize this land? Cabo Frio – Rj You must visit a map of your area with the real owner of the plot, there you will inform if the im³vel à legalizado© is able to carry out its sale. If it is legalized, you will sign a public deed of purchase and sale in the bank book, in the order in which you© must take this act in a register to complete the registration!!! Buying or selling a plot of land without proper documentation can result in fines and even loss of land. If you`ve just bought land or plan to make that investment in the coming months, it`s normal to get lost and not know what the next steps are. Possible ways to make land titles include: The deed of land ownership, contrary to what one might think, should not be formalized by rules. I bought a land property but the owner didn`t have a document and we didn`t go to the registry like I do to enter my name he never got any documents Everyone dreams of owning a house, but one concern about it, and something that few people care about is care with the land on which this property is built. The documentation of a country allows us to know the history, if it has already been dismembered or if it has been legalized for construction. Mauricio Bonilha, construction consultant, gives us this advice. If the land belongs to you, if you want to sell it, it is important to get the deed. It will also take a professional to create the floor plans and the descriptive monument.

To be safe in your business, you need to know a few things, especially documentation. What is still done today when buying land or apartment is a private purchase contract. It is nothing more than a document drawn up between the two parties regarding the purchase of the land of this property. This document has no legal effect, it is only a compromise document between the parties concerned. What defines the legality of the documentation is the deed issued in a registry office and the registration of the property, which is carried out at the registry office. The registry is the document that confirms that the land is in your name and acknowledges that the previous owner or builder transferred the property to you. That is the main concern about this, because the bureaucracy associated with the process is© not easy at all. Subscriptions and newspapers©appear from anywhere when selling or buying a property. This makes people confused about resolving regularization. In order to settle the situation of the country, the assistance of a lawyer or public defender is© necessary, who verifies the current situation of the country. It will be necessary to make an act consisting of the time of possession and the previous owners. An engineer will also be required©to create the plan and descriptive monument for registration at City Hall.

Please note that the deed of ownership usually includes a value of 2-3% of the sale value and you will need to collect documents from you and the seller at the time of application. I buy land, but like a house built in the deed, can this cause problems with the transmission of documents? Great content for those who watched as I commend. When buying land, it is important to be accustomed to the documents; After all, buying land without proper documentation can lead to fines and even land loss. However, it is very common for people to sell their land without proper documentation. The reasons may vary, but in general, owners do not know where the documents are or if they exist. However, if there are doubts about the situation of the plot, it is possible to check the documentation and its current situation in the Municipal Department of Urban Development (SMU). Buying a property is© an excellent investment and requires a long period of research to make the best decision. As you may have noticed, imperfect regularization is a© Jura obligation that all people must have with their characteristics, because they will avoid consequences in the future with good ones. The sale or purchase of a property involves bureaucratic processes, so it is© most appropriate, before starting a negotiation, to carefully check if there are any irregularities in the price.

You must go to the notary to request a certificate of the entire content, to know the name of which is the deed, if you find the contact to make the transfer of ownership to the notary, if you do not know who the person is, then only by usocapiao […] I bought a piece of land, now what? How can I regularize and register my lot? […] Well, certificates, deeds and other documents are very important to make the property negotiable, in addition, of course, ©legality before the correct payment of taxes and other© obligations. A real estate person who does not have a written document, for example, is© the same as a citizen without a GR. The deed is the public document that guarantees the purchase and sale of the property, with the data of you and the seller and this document must be prepared by a notary at the notary. There are many reasons for you to regularize a property next to City Hall, but©the main one is© to stay away from legal confusion. Remember that there are many consequences, for example if the property is treated as secret by public bodies. You need a lawyer to make this regularization. You must register a deed informing the time of ownership of the land and the previous owners. You need the floor plans and the descriptive monument. You need to revoke all negative certificates and after that, the document will be scanned by the registration cartels. In addition to fines, the owner of the imovel may be prevented from conducting any type of negotiation relating to the goods. In©addition, the imperfect becomes immeasurable for cases of heranite or gift. It is necessary to regulate possession so that there is no doubt about this fact.

The contract of sale or the promise to purchase and sell does not mean that ownership is transferred in the name of the buyer. Finally, one factor that cannot be ignored is compliance with© documents, as it will protect you. Finally, you know if there are setbacks, litigation, lawsuits and other possible obstacles to the purchase of goods. You must do the documentation at the town hall and register in the box. The deed or deed of private possession is the most appropriate and lasting means of protecting subsequent ownership of the property. The first legal procedure you should do is to act and register your lot. If it is not registered, it is not yours! Know that your decision is one of the best you can make, and that in addition to a great investment, a country can pay off throughout your life, in addition to a rating above the market average and a better income than savings.