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Pepper Gun Laws

According to pepper spray manufacturers, pepper spray is considered legal as a personal defense weapon in all 50 states, though various state restrictions can prevent shipping to multiple states. Some manufacturers may ship their bear spray (a more potent pepper spray to deter an attacking bear) to states where pepper spray cannot be shipped as a weapon. However, if it is determined that someone has used bear spray against a person, there are all sorts of interesting questions about its legal use (unless that person is doing a very convincing bear act). Pepper spray is not sold to minors or people convicted of a crime. Here are some cases of state regulation: Check with your local police about restrictions and permitted use of pepper spray in your area. And never take pepper spray with you when traveling by plane. New Jersey: Only containers of 0.75 ounces or less are legal in the state of New Jersey. Alternatively, if you`re 18 and not a criminal, it`s legal to buy pepper spray. Section 13-3101.7 excludes from the definition of „prohibited weapon” „all propellants (or) propellant-controlled devices manufactured, imported or distributed for their intended purpose.” Nothing seems to regulate or prohibit the legal use of self-defense sprays of any kind. Article 5-73-124 makes it illegal to possess tear gas or pepper spray. However, it is legal to „possess a small container of tear gas or pepper spray used solely for self-defense purposes, but the capacity of the cartridge or container must not exceed one hundred and fifty cubic centimeters (150cc).” Although it hardly seems necessary, there is also a specific prohibition on the use and spraying against the law enforcement officer. So there is nothing that seems to prohibit the legal use of self-defense sprays, as the size limit is much larger than Mace or other brands of defense sprays.

Michigan: The container of pepper spray should not exceed 1.2 ounces. In addition, pepper spray should not contain more than 18% oleoresin capsicum or OC, which is one of the most common substances in pepper spray. In addition, it must not contain more than 1.4% MC. State law prohibits the wearing of pepper spray in a school without permission from school authorities. Alaska: This state does not allow pepper spray to be transported inside a school unless the person is at least 21 years old. This is probably the least of all restrictions on the use of pepper spray by states that have established restrictions. You can find a variety of personal protection products when you visit our online store. From different types of pepper spray, including police and animal sprays, to a variety of electronic neutralization devices and stun guns disguised as common items such as lipstick containers or flashlights, there is something for everyone. Take the time to buy exactly what you need to protect yourself from harm. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age to purchase or register pepper spray, but anyone 14 years of age or older may do so as long as they have permission from a parent or guardian. All pepper spray models that use CS tear gas should not contain more than 2 ounces. Hawaii: You must obtain a license to transport pepper spray into the state of Hawaii.

In addition, the container for pepper spray should not exceed 0.5 ounces. Hawaii has the most restrictions of any state when it comes to carrying pepper spray. Persons convicted of a crime or assault may not possess pepper spray. California: The pepper spray container should not exceed 2.49 ounces. If you wear pepper spray, you can only have one container under 2.49 ounces. It is legal to buy, use, possess and ship pepper spray in Maine; However, the criminal use of pepper spray and other crippling chemicals is illegal. The use must be in self-defence, as in most other States. One place where pepper spray is not allowed is that of commercial airlines. It could pose a significant risk if sprayed accidentally. Transporting pepper spray on these airlines is a crime that can result in a fine of up to $25,000. The pepper spray method, known by some as mass, has come a long way, and as violence spreads across the country, there was no better time than now to prepare.

Pepper spray offers people a non-lethal way to escape potential attackers. It should be noted that you must be at least 18 years old and not have been convicted of a felony or assault to legally transport pepper spray. If you meet the qualifications, you can wear this self-defense product. It is legal to buy, transport and use pepper spray in Washington; However, a person must register the spray with a local police station before legally possessing it. Minors are prohibited from using pepper spray between one hour before sunset and one hour before sunrise. WASHINGTON STATEThe imports with restrictions. Section 9.91.160 specifically permits the sale and use of „personal protective sprayers” such as „mace, pepper leg or pepper spray.” There is an age limit for people 18 or older or 14 with the permission of a parent or guardian. Children should not have pepper spray under any circumstances. They could recklessly pulverize it and potentially hurt others and themselves if they are not careful. In all 50 states and Washington D.C., it is legal to use pepper spray to defend oneself. However, some states only allow the use and transport of pepper spray under certain circumstances. It is legal to buy, transport, use and ship pepper spray in Rhode Island.

However, individuals must be at least 18 years of age to possess pepper spray. State law prohibits the sale of pepper spray to anyone under the age of 18. Keep in mind that all states have laws against the illegal use of pepper spray. It can only be used for self-defense. It is illegal to use pepper spray against a person or animal you are attacking. Such laws are usually found under charges of bodily harm. Using pepper spray to commit a crime can increase the severity of the charge itself. Persons prohibited from possessing a pistol are not allowed to possess pepper spray. It is generally legal to carry pepper spray in public. However, there are some cases when pepper spray must remain hidden or prohibited in various buildings and facilities.

Let us suppose that a person has been convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor punishable by two years in prison, a violent felony, or a misdemeanor committed in a hospital or mental institution. In this case, they cannot buy or possess pepper spray. More info here: lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/urdefense/taserlaws.pdf In addition, there are pepper sprays that contain illegal substances that are not allowed by federal or state law. Such restrictions are usually found in laws that regulate the substance itself and not pepper spray in general. Therefore, it may not be obvious in state or federal laws that a particular brand of pepper spray is illegal, only the substance that contains it. The following list contains states that currently have no restrictions on the possession of pepper spray. This means that you can legally carry pepper spray in quantities of any size as long as you are 18 years old. It is legal to possess self-defense sprays in the District of Columbia, such as mace or pepper spray. It is legal to buy, transport, use and ship pepper spray in Alabama. Chicago prohibits the use of pepper spray in an enclosed space if more than 20 people are present. In Washington, pepper spray can be worn by 14-year-olds if they have parental permission.

The state-specific laws listed below are a good starting point to make sure you`re protected. Individuals can purchase a maximum of 2 pepper sprays in a single transaction.