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Canada`s commitment to education, pluralism and its international commitments to the protection of human rights and freedoms make it one of the most sought-after migration destinations for immigrants from around the world. If you are looking for an honest and thorough assessment of your immigration prospects to Canada through family sponsorship, Express Entry, provincial nomination, or if you want to study, work or visit Canada, Phoenix Legal is ready to help. Mr. Souraya is an experienced and successful immigration lawyer in Calgary, and Phoenix Legal is an established and respected law firm with knowledgeable and dedicated staff ready to provide clients in areas of immigration such as permanent residence, citizenship, temporary residence and more personal legal advice and representation. Contact us today at 403-568-3000. We enjoy a high level of success providing world-class legal services to clients in Calgary and around the world. Lord. Souraya is a Calgary-based lawyer with extensive experience over the past 31 years. It is authorized by the Government of Canada and the Law Society to provide legal services in the following areas: Our lawyers have the appropriate knowledge and experience to deal with immigration challenges.

Since 2002, at Phoenix Legal, we have achieved a high level of success due to our love of the community in providing world-class immigration law services to our clients in Calgary and around the world. Abdul W.M. Souraya, an experienced lawyer and CEO, brings more than 31 years of experience as a successful lawyer since beginning his career in Ontario in 1991. At Phoenix Legal, we also have a team of corporate lawyers in Calgary to provide comprehensive advice to businesses of all sizes. Over the years, we have provided strong and actionable legal advice to small businesses, businesses, not-for-profit organizations and public institutions. With a dedicated commercial law team and years of experience leading commercial stakeholders at all levels, we provide legal assistance for the purchase of land for a new or existing business, financing and refinancing, loan and loan agreements and much more. Immigration applications can sometimes be refused due to complex legal procedures. An experienced immigration lawyer can assess your application and ensure that it meets all the mandatory requirements. If you need a Canadian immigration lawyer in Calgary, trust Phoenix Legal. Immigration to Canada is the responsibility of the federal government. Each province has its own small immigration program that grants permits to people based on their criteria. If you are considering temporary or permanent residence in Canada, the services of an immigration lawyer may be helpful.

Phoenix Legal is your trusted immigration lawyer in Calgary. What we offer through our law firm is not only advice, but advice through legal expertise. Because immigration requires you to deal with the laws, our immigration lawyer can assist you with appropriate legal services and advice to ensure your immigration process runs smoothly and in a timely manner. founded with the desire to focus more on customer service, to provide our clients with economically viable legal advice and committed legal representation in all sectors; The firm is able to successfully establish its identity outside its origins and deal with great depth in complex national and international issues. The main job of an immigration lawyer is to advise you on your legal rights and options, help you prepare the documents for your application, and represent you in court if necessary. Immigration consultants, on the other hand, can offer advice based on their knowledge of immigration law, but often lack the rigorous training and experience to navigate complex immigration cases. Lawyers and advisors are important because they help immigrants understand their options and make informed decisions about their immigration status. However, the main difference between an immigration lawyer and an immigration consultant is that the former provides representation in the Federal Court, but the latter does not. As immigration lawyers in Calgary, we have more legal experience than consultants and can offer you better solutions.

Our team is committed to providing you with quality services beyond what an immigration consultant does. Rejection of your visa under the CEC, FSW or any other category often results in hearings and appeals.