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Bilge also has extensive experience with Turkish copyright law. In addition to her expertise in copyright protection, she has successfully represented foreign publishers in their copyright infringement cases against the Turkish State Opera and Ballet as the main actor in Turkey, which has secured significant compensation for its clients. She has also assisted her clients in managing the legal aspects of performing musical works at their concerts in Turkey or abroad. It has contacted and negotiated with the holders of the relevant copyright and related rights on behalf of its clients in Turkey or abroad and has drafted the necessary agreements for the use of these works. In addition, she has supported her clients in the management of concert recordings and the resulting entertainment equipment. Employment and Work: Our firm works closely with our clients` human resources departments, providing clear, practical and results-oriented legal advice on all aspects of employment law, including but not limited to regulatory compliance issues, drafting contracts, preparing and implementing workplace regulations, management and monitoring of work permit procedures for foreign personnel. Organization and restructuring of employment standards to address gaps and avoid misconduct in employment practices. Frankly, the legal sector is a male-dominated market in Turkey. Unfortunately, for this reason, the visibility of women in the profession is impaired. However, this situation has not overshadowed the success of women lawyers.

Also, if I have to share my personal experience, the clients I`ve worked with so far have been global companies. Therefore, I did not base my professional life on the established culture in Turkey and did not work while exposed to these male-dominated reflections. From the experience I have gained during my professional life, I have seen that the legal profession is a delicate profession that requires a lot of effort and meticulousness. I have seen that women lawyers can provide the necessary care and sensitivity in accordance with this profession, and they are very successful. Therefore, I believe that the employment of women in the legal field is important and that women lawyers should be more visible. She has over 15 years of experience representing local and international clients and provides legal services to a variety of well-known companies with a focus on transactional intellectual property, technology transfers, R&D agreements, licensing agreements, freedom-to-operate exercises, advertising, advertising and marketing activities, sports, and represents clients before the Advertising Council, handling innovative copyright litigation and litigation. CANAN Arslan Girsault COMPANY: GENSENTA İLAÇ SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ REFERENCE: NSN Law Firm has been providing legal services to Gensenta for a long time and we believe that NSN is one of the most qualified law firms in Turkey. Given the special and complex commercial operations of the pharmaceutical industry, NSN professionally handles the drafting and negotiation of our complex contracts and provides detailed legal advice on pharmaceutical regulations. We are excited to partner with NSN as their level of service consistently responds and demonstrates its capabilities in any type of litigation a company would face. NSN is one of the largest „consulting firms” in our company, which allows us to act confidently in the pharmaceutical sector from a holistic perspective.

After completing my master`s degree in the UK, I returned to work as a lawyer in the law firm where I had previously completed my legal internship. But this time I wanted to work not only in the field of commercial law, but also in other areas of law, especially in the field of commercial law. The founding partner of the firm gave me this opportunity and after that, a huge project came into the office and I was assigned to this project, including a large list of files, various contract negotiation processes, etc. The partner gave me this file and told me that I had to do this work myself. Nevertheless, I was a very young lawyer who had previously only worked in the IP sector. After successfully managing this project and getting out of it, I realized there was nothing I couldn`t do. If I do enough research in legislation, teaching and practice, everything can be fixed. Maybe I struggle to do at first, I may have to work hard, but nothing is impossible. In short, I felt like a lawyer when I figured out how to learn something I didn`t know and combine all my knowledge.

It`s not just about gender, it`s also about social cultures. Turkey is a mosaic where different cultures coexist and the presence of lawyers from different cultures in the field of law will increase diversity and its positive impact. I believe that Turkey should improve the diversity of social cultures in the legal profession. Information Technology: NSN Law Firm provides clients with legal assistance in domain name disputes, privacy, online gambling, computer software, social networks and online retailers, the team has extensive experience in IT law, including drafting software contracts, corporate law policies and standard operational policies for IT companies. NSN Law Firm is a family of over 30 members from diverse backgrounds representing different lifestyles, preferences, ethnicities and identities from all corners of Turkey. Each member with their unique life experiences makes a great contribution to our physical culture with their sincerity and intense willpower. This color integrity is the main explanation for how NSN provides the best domestic and international legal services every day. CLIENT: Can YAYLALI COMPANY: BESTWAY GLOBAL HOLDING INC.

TESTIMONIAL: Bestway has been advised by NSN Law Firm for several years. NSN was able to find a legal way to solve our problems thanks to its international perspective on business operations and its in-depth knowledge of local regulations. They offer advice that excels in providing the best solution for customs and other business issues of our company. We are also impressed by his experience with administrative authorities and liaison to the Ministry of Customs and Trade. What do you think about the culture of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession in Turkey? Looking back on your career and the knowledge you have gained, what advice would you give to female students who are about to enter the legal industry? „What makes this team unique is that they can go above and beyond when needed. They respect the contract with us, but it does not provide the framework for their advice or the area on which we are fighting our battles. As a company, we feel reassured by their additional support and guidance throughout the process. And with this team by our side, we can say that the legal issues occurred at the lowest rate in the company`s history. » Corporate and Commercial Law: We provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice and assistance in daily secretarial work, business formation procedures, share transfers, asset transfers, mergers and acquisitions, and sale and purchase transactions.