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A head start is a term used to describe someone who is more prepared, advanced, or skillful. In the 1990s-2000s, it was common in workplace communications to stay ahead of the curve, stay or stay ahead to characterize proactive planning and preparation (e.g., a one-step growth strategy). The term was commonly used idiomatically in the 20th century and in a number of texts written in the 1980s. A step forward often appears in the longer sentence, a step before the game, refers to someone who is better prepared or able to beat the competition. It also often occurs one step ahead of the law and describes criminals who can evade capture or outsmart the authorities. To return to its more literal origins, a step forward can still describe a steady but forward-looking movement or progress in certain efforts. or a step forward [wuhn step uh-hed] or [uh step uh-hed] In casual conversation or writing, a head start is often said by quick-witted and forward-looking people, especially when it comes to anticipating trends, reactions, or jokes (for example, „The designer is always one step ahead of her fashion colleagues” or „She`s always one step ahead and never short of do it „to fight me to the punchline”. A head start can be found in formal and informal discourse and writing. In formal writing, however, a step forward can be considered a cliché. We will take all reasonable steps to exclude viruses from the Website.

However, we cannot guarantee such exclusion and we will not be liable for any damage or loss to your computer equipment or data if anything is downloaded from this website to your computer, tablet or telephone system or other property. You must take all appropriate virus security precautions before accessing the Website, its content and the underlying software and/or related software. The term is so common that it`s familiar in many popular culture titles and names, from punny shoe brands and baby products to travel agencies and punk bands. Aretha Franklin released her hit „One Step Ahead” in 1965 and sang about how she wants to get away from someone she`s in love with — but just can`t bring herself to be even „a step forward.” She sings memorably: „I`m only one step ahead of grief / One step ahead of misery.” Franklin`s song was sampled by Mos Def in his 1999 track „Ms. Fat Booty,” also about not being able to overcome anyone, and later appeared on the soundtrack of the 2016 film Moonlight. At least since the 19th century, a step forward referred to a literal step forward. The first evidence of its metaphorical use dates back to the late 1800s. An 1876 religious anthropology text, for example, describes Hindu theology as „one step ahead of the philosophical thought of primitive man,” using walking as a metaphor for progress. All images used on this website have been obtained by A Step Ahead S.L. in good faith and in the belief that all necessary consents have been obtained prior to their use. However, if you believe that an image belonging to you has been used without permission, please contact us. A Step Ahead S.L.

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