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Pipeline Programs for Law School

Over the summer, pipeline students completed law clerkships at locations such as Legal Aid, the Center for Popular Democracy, the New York State Bar Association Minority Health Law Program, Queens Legal Services, Outten & Golden LLP, and the Federal Community Defender Office. The guidance and support that pipeline participants receive during the program continues throughout their three years of law school and during the bar exam. They receive mentorship and academic support and, as a result, 83% of students in the pipeline successfully complete CUNY Law. The Launchpad Scholars program, open to all current students and graduates who wish to apply to law school in fall 2024, provides participants with application assistance and career preparation, including in-depth LSAT preparation, mentorship with lawyers and law students, and other resources that prepare participants to apply to law schools of their choice. The Launchpad Scholars program is open to all applicants, but particularly welcomes applications from groups historically underrepresented in the legal profession. In 2019, NYLS launched its summer law preparatory program for students and is developing an additional pipeline program for practicing professionals. „I really feel like CUNY Law chose me instead of choosing school.” – Ada George `14 Encouraging young people to pursue a career in law starts with educating them early about the legal profession and providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in law school and beyond. Latham`s investment in the next generation of lawyers and executives includes creating and participating in pipeline programs ranging from office partnerships with high schools to introduce students to law, democracy and civic education – to internship and scholarship opportunities that provide training, networking and admissions to law school. „I realized that I`m not the only person who has the motivation and ability to enter law school, but was hampered by the weight given to standardized testing. – Pauloma Martinez `10; raised its LSAT score by 13 points after the Pipeline Access Group justified the need for the Pipeline Diversity Initiatives Directory in its report, The Diversity Pipeline Programs in Legal Education: Context, Research, and a Path Forward. The report focuses on the issue of diversity in legal education, provides an overview of the diversity pipeline, examines programs to improve the pipeline, and makes several recommendations for leaders and supporters of diversity pipeline programs. „Fordham Law School`s Increasing Diversity in Education and the Law (IDEAL) program is a developing program that identifies motivated, talented and underrepresented students in the New York City area and exposes them to the many facets of the legal profession.

Through this initiative, we are fulfilling our responsibility to increase diversity in the legal profession. If our legal system is to provide equal justice, it must provide equal opportunities to become lawyers. This directory contains a non-exhaustive list of legal education programs for students and/or graduates. This resource is provided as a courtesy to students and pre-legal advisors and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of these programs by the AccessLex Institute. For more information on other pipeline programs, visit the National Pipeline Diversity Directory. NYLS is laying the groundwork for launching its non-traditional pipeline program for working employees and other adults. Since 2013, NYLS has been working informally with paralegal programs and government agencies to create new pathways to law school. The Non-Traditional Pipeline Program will provide a formal approach to this work. Toppenish Heritage University has partnered with other Washington schools to create a law school pipeline to improve student access and preparation for law school, according to a Heritage press release. The program is aimed at Latin American and indigenous students. As part of this commitment, NYLS is creating pre-right pipeline programs with the goal of providing people from underrepresented populations with a range of legal research opportunities and creating a way to earn their JD degree at NYLS. „Twenty years of experience with students who exceed their standardized test scores, learn new ways of thinking, and become excellent lawyers are all the evidence we needed to launch a program designed not only to give students a chance at admission to law school, but also to give them the skills they need to excel from day one.” – Mary Lu Bilek, Former Dean and Professor at CUNY Law School Currently, UHLC Pre-Law pipeline programs offer four degree programs: Scholar I, Scholar II, UH Cougar Law Program (only for select current University of Houston students and graduates), and Working Professionals Program.

Each track focuses on different development components to help our students create portfolios designed to make them attractive candidates for law school. Alumni of the pipeline programs have been accepted to a number of law schools, including: Brooklyn Law School, George Washington University Law School, Howard University School of Law, Oklahoma City University Law School, University of Houston Law Center, University of Miami School of Law, University of Oklahoma College of Law, UC Berkeley School of Law, and University of Chicago Law School. Students who are currently enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university are eligible to apply. We welcome applications from historically underrepresented students, those enrolled in CUNY-based institutions, as well as students already affiliated with Fordham University. In addition, you must be a student who has completed your second year before the start of the program. No specific academic major is required, however, applicants must plan to attend law school after completing their bachelor`s program. Supporting a more diverse law school community and legal profession is an important part of NYLS` Institutional Diversity Plan and 2020 Strategic Plan. Fordham Law School announced today that it has received a $300,000 donation from the Jones Day Foundation to support its Increasing Diversity in Education and the Law (IDEAL) pipeline program. The IDEAL program identifies motivated and talented students who are underrepresented in the New York City area and guides them through as many people as possible. We have partnered with SEO on two programs to help underrepresented students pursue their careers in the legal industry. In general, the Pipeline Diversity Directory contains information on programs that primarily target or serve students of diverse ethnic or ethnic backgrounds. These programs fall into two broad categories: The Directory is an ever-expanding online searchable database of projects, programs and initiatives that encourage and equip diverse students to pursue legal careers.

This free service provides important information about programs across the country in a concise and easily accessible format. It includes programs sponsored by law schools, law firms, in-house lawyers, bar associations, other organizations, and collaborations that promote the legal careers of diverse students. The Law School Admission Program is primarily for New Haven residents. Below is a list of other pipeline programs, many of which are accepting applicants from across the country. We update this page regularly, so if you know of a program that isn`t listed, let us know lawaccess@yale.edu and we`ll add it to our site. Thank you very much! Find existing programs in cities of comparable size that serve as a model for the development of your new program Pipeline participants will be selected from those who are denied admission to CUNY Law and are invited to apply to the program. The program consists of a two-part course designed to help students better prepare for the LSAT exam and the rigors of law school. This year`s decisions for the 2020-2021 pipeline cohort will be made on an ongoing basis starting at the end of April 2020. For more information, please visit our FAQ page. Find a program near you that encourages your high school student to consider law school The AccessLex Diversity Pipeline Program Directory is an online database designed to help prospective law students and pre-law advisors identify pipeline programs that serve college students and/or graduates from historically underrepresented groups with support-based information and resources of their successful enrolment in the Faculty of Law and Legal Profession.

The best programs are collaborative, provide meaningful and holistic content, experiences and support, and are designed to provide measurable results and evolving best practices. Identify local law firms and bar associations that have pipeline programs to help you find a mentor We support the JD Advice Scholars program by sponsoring JD Advising`s free law school preparation course. Their free law school preparation course aims to teach students how to succeed academically in law school, especially since many aspects of law school and a student`s legal career are guided by their performance during the critical first year.